Love Letters

Dear _________,

I’m sorry for what I am about to do, I don’t know if you’ll like it but since you are going to leave soon, I think I should let you know how I truly feel for you.

It all started from just a “Crush” back when we were still freshmen in college. We were classmates, you were such an eye candy and i can’t help myself from looking at you. I thought that you were so cool when you became our classroom president. From that moment on, i have always been drawn to you.   At first, i thought it’s not that serious. But then, I realized that I really liked you a lot.

Back then when you were still my crush, I love how our classmates have been teasing us. We became that famous “love team” that everyone finds amusing. I remembered that time when we used to review for our exams together, we’re telling stories about our families to each other, when we went to our friends house and on the way you slept on my shoulders while riding the bus. It just felt so nice.

The people around us and our friends loved our chemistry together, specially when we were bickering with each other. they thought we were natural, like we can be a real couple, they thought they saw that “spark”between us.

I though so too! 😦    but it was all a dream for me.

when you became an official couple with one of our classmates, i thought i’ll never get affected about it. I told myself that i’ll forget about you easily but guess what?  i did got affected and was not able to forget at all. it became more unbearable when I saw that you were happy with her.

I asked my self..   Is what i’m feeling still CRUSH? or is it something ELSE.

though deep down inside my loving heart.. I know that it has grown into something else.

I have come to realize that  I fell in love with you…

-one sidedly


Your friend,



This  is just the first part of my letter that was sent to a special person in my life. I’ll post the next part of it on my next posts. 🙂

It took me a lot of courage to send this letter of confession to a person I love . I know that some of you might think of it that it was a silly or dumb idea. but for me i think it is best to be true to yourself, true to your feelings, whether he/she accept it or not, just letting someone know that you love them is a good feeling.  ❤


PS. I still love you

any comment or opinion is welcome.