You are the one i love 

I never thought i’d say the word i love you again

You came in to my life and i didn’t know i would fall in love hard

i let myself be vulnerable to you and you are with me

we talked about everything and had a lot of good times and few misunderstandings

but for months of being together, you never failed to make me feel alive again

you made me believe on myself and develop self confidence, made me a better person than i was before
yes, i was terrified at first. i had doubts and lots of questions on my mind

“is it really you that was meant for me, the one i have been waiting for so long?”

” am i ready to take jump and fall in love hard?”

” will i be able to make you happy?”

“am i willing to be hurt again?”
thinking about everything we had together, all those questions were answered and i say YES. i am willing to go through this with you by my side.

Im in love with you. Lionel 


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