All About ME and this BLOG

Welcome to my blog everyone!

My name is Rej, I am 22 years old  and from the Philippines.

I worked as a travel agent for almost 2 years then i resigned. so right now i’m still looking for a job.

I am blogging to share my spazz-es in different topics to fangirl with. (Btw, Spazz means ” A reaction to something crazy or weird or Another word for “freak out”) lol.

I will be posting some of my personal writings, like some love letters (sent and unsent i have a lot of them ^^ ),  poems, some of my random thoughts and relatable quotes.

I might also post Book and Movie reviews since i love watching movies, tv series and reading books

I might also post about my favorite singers, actors, bands and artists to both local and international

so there! 🙂

i would love to read comments from you soon!

Ps. Credits to all of the owners of the photos that i used and i will be using. because i’m not that good using photoshop 😉



Rej ❤


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